The Revoluntionary Plastic Bottle is Here.

The plastic bottle design that reduces the carbon emissions from logistics.

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About Us.

Saniton Plastic LLC is a US based company with revolutionary patented technology on the design and utility of the interlocking bottle. The $171.2 billion global plastic bottle industry is growing rapidly due to surging demand across all sectors, and the impact on global emissions is costly. Our proprietary new bottle design benefits the entire value chain by reducing the costs and environmental impact of logistics. From pallets, to trucks, to containers, we can reduce the amount of space it takes to ship the same amount of product by up to 35%.

Saniton Plastic LLC works with bottling manufacturers and co-packers to implement our technology all over the world. With our team of engineers and knowledge of the bottling industry, we are bringing the interlocking bottle to market.

We are not just a plastic bottle manufacturer. We are a technology company with a vision to change the world.

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Our Product.

The future of global plastic bottle design.

Proprietary interlocking bottle technology.

Saves Space In The Gaps Between Bottles.

Creates A Stable Unit.

How our bottles stack up vs competitors

500 ml . 16.9 fl oz bottles per -standard pallet





Bottle per level

7 levels


*more levels with higher stability

5-6 levels max

Levels per pallet


Total bottles per pallet


Saniton bottles create up to

35% more room per pallet


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